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Are you bashing your head against the wall with uninstalling a software? Most computer users do not really know that some software is not completely uninstalled or removed until they receive error messages. Though it only takes a few clicks and seconds to install a software, it takes much more clicks, time and skill to uninstall it.

If we do not uninstall a program thru the right procedures, it can lead to more problems than you could imagine. That's why we build QuicklyUninstall.com! It's dedicated to educating people about how to correctly and completely uninstall various computer software and eliminate all traces of the software in the computer.

How to Correctly & Completely Uninstall a Computer Program?

When people install a program on the computer, the program adds many keys in the system registry to register its files and adds many files to the system which are needed to launch the software properly.

Generally speaking, computer users can uninstall the software within Add/ Remove Programs of the Windows or via the uninstaller by the software vendor. Ideally, when users uninstall a software, all the associated files in the system registry and hard drive should also be removed. But, things do not happen this way. If the uninstall file of the software is corrupted or deleted unexpectedly, users may have difficulty in uninstalling the software by the above means. Those remanent registry keys and files are left behind and unnecessarily cluster the system registry and result in errors.

In such situation, to remove all stuff of the program, we need to go through the registry and system folders and delete its files one by one. And this manual removal is somehow very risky and complicated for regular computer users and is only recommended for computer professionals.

Therefore, this is where a trusted third-party uninstaller comes in. Its powerful engine can fast locate and delete all associated files of the software. With such a powerful third-party uninstaller, we can uninstall any computer software no matter listed or not listed in Add/ Remove Programs. And this automatic uninstallation only involves a few clicks and no risk and hassle in the whole process. If you also need to kick some software out of your PC, use this trusted automatic uninstaller to uninstall it completely and safely.